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5 Mistakes Socially Intelligent People Avoid Making

It is impossible to make all of our interactions perfect. Every day brings us many opportunities to improve our interactions.

You can increase your social intelligence by becoming more aware of the behaviors people don’t like and committing to trying to avoid them.

These are five mistakes socially intelligent people should avoid.

1. Argumenting about nonsense

Conor Neill, a leadership expert, once stated that buffers are one of the most important things you can do to improve your relationships.

Conor stops and says “interesting” to himself, in order to test it. This is a reminder of the fact that intelligence declines with emotion.

Are the words I want others to hear the same ones that mine?

Is there something happening with this person I don’t know about?

Do I really win if the other person admits defeat?

They are correct.

Pay attention to how your friends and family manage their conversations. Pay attention to whether they are able to communicate clearly or if they take a step back.

People who are socially intelligent have discovered through experience that taking a deep breath can improve their communication skills.

Sometimes fighting is necessary. Most fights are unnecessary. Accept the phrase “You’re probably correct!” Do you mind if I talk about it when I have more clarity? You can save time and energy.

2. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture

You did not give your partner a gift that made him fall in love. You were there to listen to your partner’s bad days and praise them for their good ones.

This is a great description of what it takes to build lasting friendships and have successful relationships.

People with high social intelligence listen more than they speak. They also pay attention to their surroundings before speaking.

What is the vibe of the conversation that you are having? Are people optimistic or depressed?

How does the other person act? Are they happy and relaxed? Are they relaxed and smiling?

Everybody has had a bad conversation in their lives. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, put a sticky note at every door in your home. It doesn’t need to be written on. It will be clear to you what it means to look at it.

It’s much easier to avoid walking on dog poop when you pay attention to where you are going.

3. Unopen mind

Socially intelligent people adapt quickly to any environment, from a bar or fancy restaurant.

Flexibility is largely a function of being open-minded. These people enjoy people and are open to new ideas.

We all desire to be heard and seen as human beings.

People feel judged too quickly and are able to interrupt and avoid people who disagree with our preconceived ideas and beliefs.

Focus on the person in front of your and forget about your beliefs.

To better understand people’s thought processes, ask them for feedback.

Try to find the qualities that you admire in others.

Even though this last point is not easy to grasp, our minds are always looking for the positive. If we ask the right questions we will generally find something admirable about everyone we meet.

4. Do not speak badly of others

Socially intelligent people know that shaming others does not reflect well on them. This makes it difficult to know what you think about yourself when you are around these people.

Moreover, people may unconsciously associate your words with things they say about other people.

Simply put, tell people Carlos is an idiot. People will think you’re crazy.

The good news? “Spontaneous traits transfer” can be done both ways. Talk well of others if you want people speak well about you.

However, this does not mean socially intelligent people don’t have negative opinions about others. They do. They do so directly, and not by complaining to Marta over Carlos’ stupidity.

5. Grab the moment of glory from others

It is crucial to know when to remain silent. Listen to the person who approaches you with a problem and not just your own.

Don’t remind someone who achieves or does something out of their comfort zone that they’ve done many times before.

Find ways to make people more happy during their moments of glory. But don’t force it. Socially intelligent people know that sometimes doing nothing is the best way to shine before others.

A few things will become apparent once all the above is done. It is important to be attentive and listen. It’s like focusing on other people.

The most important trait in people’s social intelligence is their ability to control their pace and slow down.

When you are being examined, take a moment to relax.

Before you speak, observe and think.

Allow people to be themselves.

Do not talk poorly about others.

Let others enjoy your moment of glory.


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