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Meet Julia

I’m Julia, your cruise director. I’m a night owl, and I’ve been in the wellness and beauty business since 1994. I started this business in 2005 — the idea for nitespa came to me in a dream, and it just made sense to combine my social self with my holistic self and create a spa that doesn’t take itself so seriously, where everyone gets the VIP treatment.

I was born in Hollywood, California. Raised in Orange County. Both of my parents are from Spain. This may explain my extreme passion for beauty, food and reaching for the stars.

I’m passionate about:

Luxury for everyone.

My Mar Vista neighborhood and the cool places that I frequent around here: Louie’s Mar Vista, Soaptopia, the Mar Vista farmer’s market, The Grind, Chocovivo, The Wood and Surfing Cowboys.
Good parties, good music, good food, good company.

I’m inspired by:
My son, Roman Coltrane Martin-Wrobel.
Mr. Wrobel.
Mrs. Parker.
Kate Spade, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Sofia Coppola, TheColossal.com, Sassy magazine, Madmen, Vintage Jet-set, Farrell’s ice cream parlours, the Aloha spirit, Abbot Kinney and San Francisco.

I never leave home without:
My Moleskin notebook for my obsessive list-making and my business cards; I can network anywhere.

I splurge on:
Chocolate. Wine. Travel.

KCRW: morning becomes eclectic.

My beauty secrets are:
Alkaline water.
A weekly manicure. It makes such a difference.