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Aesthetics And Well-Being Looking Good To Feel Good

It is obvious that we live in a society where the image has a large influence on all aspects of our lives, including studies and work. Well-being is becoming more essential because of how important aesthetics are. Achieving the desired appearance has never been easier or more affordable. Today, we will be discussing aesthetics, in particular dermoesthetics and their relationship to well-being.

The technological advancement in aesthetic medicine

Technology has made great strides in the last few years in all areas of medicine, as well as in aesthetic medicine. The medical advances that have allowed dermo-aesthetics to safely apply medicine to the aesthetic field has made it possible to benefit from them. This area of aesthetic medicine focuses primarily on the reduction of skin aging.

The treatment of minor skin imperfections can make you look better with dermo-aesthetics. Some techniques can be used to remove acne and skin blemishes. It can also delay the effects associated with aging. Experts with a Master of Aesthetic nursing are trained to perform treatments. This allows them to combine the most advanced dermo-esthetic techniques with the health knowledge of nurses.

The relationship between aesthetics & well-being

It is true that our attention can be focused on the image in certain aspects of our lives. However, the popularity of social media networks has shown that looking good can help you feel better. As an example, spots or acne on the skin can cause some complications. Treating them will increase self-esteem and, consequently, improve patient’s well-being.

It is evident that aesthetic treatments can have a direct correlation with well-being. They allow people to feel more confident and beautiful.

As aesthetic treatments become more popular, so does the demand.

Many studies have shown a steady increase in demand for beauty treatment in general. According to the DBK consultancy in Germany, the turnover of aesthetic medicine clinics increased by 24% to 167 million euros (+ 135 million dollars) in 2015. According to the same company and over the same time period, sales of beauty salons increased by 18% from 800 to 940 million.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, household spending on aesthetic treatments rose 46% from 837 million in 2015 and 1,219 million in 2019.

All of these data show that aesthetic services are in high demand. It is also true that the cult for beauty is becoming more prominent in our time, as evidenced by the popularity of gyms and social networks.

Many professionals have a job opening

Specialized professionals are required to meet the high demand for treatment. It is a field that has many jobs. This is why more people are choosing to study dermo-aesthetics and aesthetics.

There are basically three main groups of professionals.

They are the majority of aesthetic technicians and perform most non-invasive treatments.

Aesthetic nurses are professionals who have extensive knowledge of health.

Aesthetists are the only doctors who can perform more complex treatments.

Recent years have seen a heated debate about the roles of nurses and doctors in aesthetic treatment. It has been clear that there is no opposition to the two professions. They are complementary. Each one, like other medical disciplines, has its own powers.

Dermo-aesthetic treatment

There are many dermo-aesthetic options available. Laser hair removal, radiofrequency, and mesotherapy are some of the most popular in recent years. Hyaluronic Acid injections are another highly-requested dermo-aesthetic procedure.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal, despite the debate over who is for and against it, is safe. It uses advanced technology that is operated by experts. Laser hair removal can help you forget about ingrown hairs, and it can also save you time by permanently removing the hair.

Radiofrequency basics

Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment that is used to reduce sagging in the body or face. Radiofrequency is used, among other things, to remove wrinkles, expression marks and cellulite.

Mesotherapy and hyaluronic acids are on the rise.

One of the most sought-after treatments is Mesotherapy. It is used to deep hydrate the skin, restore the volume of the whole face, reduce wrinkles, improve skin pigmentation, and add shine. Among other things, it can improve the skin’s vitality and appearance.

For best results, Mesotherapy can be supplemented by localized hyaluronic acids injections. It can be used to fill in dark circles and add volume to the lips, or to correct other imperfections.

Hyaluronic acid injections must be prescribed by a doctor. However, anyone with a degree or certificate in aesthetic nursing can apply them.


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