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Best Coves in the Caribbean

Visiting the best beaches in the world includes, without a doubt, enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the best coves in the Caribbean. Now that summer is approaching and it is time to plan your destination during the summer break, we want to share from Rogues in paradise blog some tourist places that are really worth mentioning if what you are looking for is sun and sea on Caribbean beaches that are unique in the world and that will leave you more than impressed. They are a sure hit!

Ranking of the best coves in the Caribbean: Grace Bay Beach

If you are a demanding and curious tourist, surely you have noticed more than once the opinions of other tourists when visiting a new destination. This time we go ahead for you and we recommend Grace Bay Beach, rated as the best beach in the Caribbean and in all of South America by the renowned TripAdvisor page. Located on Provincials Island, belonging to the Antilles, this small bay belonging to a British overseas territory originating from the colonial era awaits you to give you a great welcome among prodigious landscapes and soft hammocks in the shade of giant palm trees.

The really curious thing is that until a few decades ago, Provincials Island was not at all known as a tourist area. It was in the eighties when the first hotel built on its shores triggered a tourist boom that is still booming today. Perhaps its beaches of fine white sand, together with its warm and transparent waters influence this. Or perhaps it is the beautiful and varied species of turtles and fish that live in its coral reefs that attract thousands of divers from all over the world who enjoy long days of diving there while stimulating their senses. What we are sure of is that if you follow our advice and visit Grace Bay Beach during your trip to the Caribbean, you will not be disappointed. Are we betting that it is one of the best coves in the Caribbean that you can find?

More Caribbean beaches that will conquer you for their beauty

This time we moved to nothing more and nothing less than the National Park of the Virgin Islands, specifically to the Island of Saint John. Trunk Bay is rated as one of the best coves in the Caribbean by the prestigious National Geographic magazine. So, this quiet cove at any time of the year is ideal to visit with your family or on your honeymoon when what you want is to enjoy the sun and the beach, as well as nature and a spectacular landscape.

As it could not be otherwise for belonging to the Caribbean area, Trunk Bay is a magnificent option for those who want to enjoy the underwater landscape while they relax finding new coral species and colorful fish that await under its waters. Enjoying an exotic seascape is not an opportunity that you have every day, so if you can and you like water activities, do not forget to practice diving or snorkeling, according to your preferences.

Another aspect for which Trunk Bay is part of the list of the best coves in the Caribbean is the provision of multiple services that it makes available to tourists for their maximum comfort and safety. It is useless to have excellent landscapes if the cove is not well cared for or if tourists cannot bathe in peace. For this reason, in Trunk Bay there is an extraordinary and daily cleaning service, as well a comfortable and accessible shower to remove the sand or cool off from the heat, as well as a great team of professional security guards so that you do not have to think about anything other than having fun.

Another of the best beaches in the world: Sandy Lane

According to the ranking of the best coves in the Caribbean, Sandy Lane is present as one of the first. Its exotic location on the well-known island of Barbados seems to have influenced one of the most prestigious resorts in the area to choose Sandy Lane as an exceptional setting for its infrastructure.

In addition to the typical water activities, you can play golf, enjoy the well-being provided by a good spa or be amazed by the best dishes to taste at its gourmet restaurants. We are sure that here the combination of paradisiacal waters together with the classic colonial design of mahogany colors of the hotel resort that bears the same name as the beautiful cove, make tourists choose it as one of the preferred destinations when booking their Summer Vacation.


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