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How Stress Can Be Good

Stress is often viewed as a negative emotion. According to Kathleen Gunthert (a professor of psychology at American University), stress is when there is an imbalance between the challenge faced and the resources that are available to deal with it. Two types of stress have been identified by researchers: ‘Distress’ (a breakup) or ‘Eustress’ (a positive stress, such as when you start a new job).

According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is defined as “the physiological and psychological response to a prolonged external or internal stressful event.” It can be caused by unhealthy eating habits, skin problems, a smaller brain size, and a greater likelihood of developing chronic diseases.

Experts believe that even small amounts of stress can have positive effects on your health. Moderate levels of daily stress, also called “eustress”, can protect against oxidative damages that are linked to aging as well as various diseases.

Motivation is increased by stress

A lot of stress can cause us to feel overwhelmed and decrease our motivation. However, it can be helpful to have a small amount when it comes down to work. Gunthert says that moderate levels of stress can boost our motivation. The stress of a deadline at work can make it difficult to focus and pay attention.

“We’ve all been in situations where we’ve said, “oh, this is what I must do,” but haven’t been able find the motivation until we realize that we’re almost out of time. He says that time is running out. “The fight or flight response can help us get going.”

Stress can increase resilience and stimulate growth

Peter Vitaliano, professor of psychology and behavioral sciences at University of Washington School of Medicine, says that stress can be overwhelming. However, it forces people to think creatively and solve problems. This will help them to become more confident and competent in dealing with future situations. He says that people feel less threatened when they have more confidence and stamina.

Allison Berwald is a New York City-licensed clinical social worker. She says that using stress to overcome fears and challenges can help you move on from them. He says that if you face a fear you’ll feel more prepared for it in the future because you’ve already faced it.

Stress can encourage bonding

Stress can have surprising benefits, such as helping to build interpersonal relationships which are essential for your overall health. Gunthert says that social connection is one the best ways to prevent mental and physical health problems. People feel less lonely and isolated when they feel loved and understood.

Vitaliano says support groups are a great place to share your stress with others. This builds compassion and positive hormones. Vitaliano says that by sharing their struggles with one another, people feel more at ease and can validate each other’s feelings. This creates positivity from a negative experience.

It is a great way to strengthen and build relationships with family and friends. Gunthert says that many of our relationships and friendships would be ruined if we didn’t support each other during the most difficult times.

A meaningful life is one that includes stress.

It is possible to live a stress-free life. For example, take a graduate student. It is never easy to study, and it can be difficult to find a job after college. Gunthert says that we got it in the end and are proud of it. He says, “The most important things in our lives that make us proud and give meaning to our lives are the hardest.” “We can eliminate stress and a lot of meaning from our lives if we do not stress.”


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