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How Taking Care Of Your Well-Being Will Help You Be More Productive

Check your overall well-being and forget the to-do lists.

Journal keeping is an ancient Japanese tradition that dates back to the 10th Century. Presidents, monarchs and sages have all kept diaries for their own purposes. Many of us can still remember opening our journals and writing our thoughts in those pages.

Over the years, the journal has resurfaced with many successful people saying that it is their most important part of the day when it comes setting goals, giving thanks and finding purpose. Most newspapers only focus on what’s written on the page. Many newspapers focus on one aspect of your whole. How can you tell if you’re not overlooking something that is crucial to your overall health? We believe the old saying “You can’t manage anything you don’t measure” is particularly relevant today. We’d love to help you achieve your goals, your purpose, mental toughness, and take your life to the next level.

You can’t guarantee you’ll do everything on your to-do lists.

Everybody wakes up with the intention to accomplish everything on our to-do lists. Reality is not always what we expect. The environment we live in has changed and is affecting our ability to focus, our energy levels and our mental health. Our research proves that it is not due to lack of willpower. Our research revealed that the most severely affected had poor gut health, nutritional deficiencies, poor eating habits and an over-dependence of caffeine. They also suffered from chronic pain and were more likely to be overweight.

What’s the relationship? The inflammation. The brain is the first area of the body to be affected by inflammation. The brain is the first to be affected by inflammation. It releases cytokines, which can cause cognitive problems and alter behavior. Chronic inflammation, which is believed to cause depression by decreasing dopamine, may be responsible for lowering motivation. It also has an impact on neurotransmitter metabolism. When we feel miserable, it makes us feel incapable of doing anything. This could be the body’s way to reduce energy expenditure for more important functions such as healing.

It doesn’t end there. We encourage anyone who keeps a performance optimization journal to consider the following factors. They all relate to inflammation and reduced productivity. These are often overlooked but they are crucial to your goal to accomplish more in a shorter time.

1. Poor gut health

A Harvard Medical School special medical report states that the “gastrointestinal tract is sensitive” to emotions. Anger, anxiety and sadness can all trigger symptoms in the stomach. The brain can have a direct impact on the stomach, intestines and other body systems.

Avoiding stressful situations (i.e. putting off stressful things (i.e. You can reduce the stress cycle and other issues by managing your behavior around it. Check your mood in your journal first thing in the AM. What is your stomach feeling today? Is it swollen today? Is it difficult to use the toilet? This could be a sign of psychological stress. This could also be a sign of an intestinal imbalance or food sensitivities, which can disrupt your natural balance.

Keep a list of foods you have eaten recently that could have contributed to your current situation. Our intestinal health can have a profound effect on our psychological well-being. It is not enough to blame psychological stress if you feel tired or lethargic. It is necessary to dig deeper. Only then will real improvements in performance occur.

2. Nutritional deficiencies

Deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D, can cause brain fog, fatigue, depression, and even death. You may not have thought it, but the agricultural industry has changed so much that we no longer receive the nutrients our bodies require.

We are doing a disservice to thousands of people who already know something is wrong. A simple blood test could help them find the right answers. Ask yourself every day if nutritional deficiencies are affecting your psychological health.

3. Side effects of medication

We have more questions than answers about the old treatment models. Medical models diagnose and treat disease. They often prescribe pills to manage symptoms, but not always the root cause. This can lead to side effects. Mismanagement of prescription drugs has led to too many unnecessary and tragic deaths in the celebrity realm.

We must be our own advocates, and pay attention to what doctors prescribe. You might be experiencing the same symptoms as you are treating.

Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms. We may be given medications as we get older and not realize the impact they have on our mental health. It is easy to overlook something that can have an impact on how we see the world.

4. Brain fog

This is one of the signs that our bodies are unable to support our stressed brain. Brain fog can be caused by deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals and dopamine. This can feel like pressure on the head, similar to a headache. However, it can also increase with a dulling effect that makes it difficult to find words or feelings. Clarity in your thinking. Poor diet and gut health, stress, and other deficiencies could all be contributing factors.

If you are struggling to complete your to-do lists, it could be due to stress or poor diet. Magnesium is a good option to calm your nervous system in stressful situations.

5. A poor diet

Your gut is a victim of poor diet. Sugars, excessive alcohol, processed foods and GMOs are all common in our diets. Our bodies have suffered the consequences.

Poor diets can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and brain fog. To support hundreds of functions in our daily lives, our bodies need to absorb enough minerals.

Go for foods rich in fiber (fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grain cereals), quality protein (fish, soy, eggs, legumes) and good fats (vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, avocado).


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