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How To Build Up Motivation In The Winter To Run In The Cold

The following tips will help motivate you continue exercising and running, despite the cold and dark that is coming on us fast.

These are the drawbacks of running in winter and how you can deal with them.


One of the most uncomfortable aspects of running in cold weather is the bone-deep cold. Numb fingers and toes, followed by that aching feeling when the blood flows again. In these moments it is normal to wonder why someone would want to do this. But if you hold out for these first few minutes and don’t decide to turn around and go home, your body will thank you.

The Right Clothing For Training In Winter

The best solution for running in winter is onion-style capes. Dress so that with 10 degrees less you will not freeze either. If you endure the first few minutes in the cold, the body begins to warm up and you immediately feel better. In very cold temperatures, the body pumps less blood to the extremities, which is why the hands and feet get cold so quickly. Put on some good gloves and thick socks – it is better to be warm than to risk numb fingers and toes.

When you start to get (too) hot, you can remove layers to avoid overheating the body. If it’s usually windy, get a windbreaker. Once you have found the right clothing for running in winter, you will feel much more comfortable in the cold.

And do you know what the other big drawback of running in winter is?


When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, you don’t need as much motivation to go for a run in the woods as when it’s dark and cold. Especially if you have to reformulate the route so that it passes through illuminated streets. For many runners, winter training in the dark is something they want to avoid.


Another possibility for more adventurous runners who enjoy riding unlit trails is to use a headlamp. Many stores (physical and online) sell this type of flashlight for runners, so you can leave the streets and avoid boredom.

Run In The Morning

You can also choose to get up early, which at the same time helps you prepare for many races. The body gets used to activating early, as soon as the sun rises. So when you participate in a race, you know that the body will be prepared.

On the contrary, if you decide to tie your running shoes in the evening, you have already accumulated the physical and emotional fatigue of the whole day. Recently, we have discovered that ego depletion negatively influences performance, due to mental efforts. So if your body gets used to running with accumulated fatigue, you will feel stronger and with much more energy when you participate in a race in the morning.

Another often underestimated advantage of running at night is that you always unconsciously have the fight or flight instinct on. An adrenaline rush that helps you run faster without having to try harder!

When you run in winter, the well-known runner’s euphoria appears more often than you think, because you know that you have dared to go out for a run in the cold, while others have stayed warm on the sofa. This increases your confidence and gives you an extra motivation, since you will always remember those days when you only wanted to stay at home, but still, you left.

Are you planning to participate in a marathon in the spring? If you start training in the winter, you’ll be in top shape when it starts to get hotter. And you can look back with pride, while enjoying the running twice as much in the mild temperatures .

With Or Without Mobile?

Running with or without a mobile is a matter of taste and has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you can call someone in case of need, and on the other, it may prevent you from hearing noises around you (such as cars approaching).

If you use headphones, adjust the volume so you can hear the traffic, or run with a single headset. Whether or not you carry your mobile with you, for security reasons you should always inform someone where and when you go for a run.

But if you are the type of person who prefers to be alone with your thoughts when you go for a run, you can use the function to add voice reminders and record what comes to your head: ideas, plans, things to do …

Has it ever happened to you that a great idea occurred to you while you were running and the moment you get home you have completely forgotten about it? Taking the time during your running training to think, clarify ideas or reduce stress is more than enough motivation to tie your running shoes after a hard day .

Finally, remember that no matter how many excuses you find for not going out to train in winter, you will never regret going for a run. It only takes you 7 minutes to start enjoying a running session, but think that you will benefit from it for the rest of the day or the entire next day at work. And smile knowing that you have found the motivation to train and are one step closer to achieving your fitness goals and a healthier life.


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