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The Advantages Of Surfing For Your Well-Being

Surfing is the ideal sport for summer. You can surf as long as there are at least a few decent waves. Surfing can bring us the most important benefits, both mental and physical. These benefits are likely to be even greater than you thought.

All year long, moderately intense physical activity

Many people who have never sailed may think that surfing is a passive activity. Surfers can often be seen surfing the wave’s crest from their boards, so it is easy to believe that very little effort is required. Surfing is a constant effort. You have to paddle against currents to pass the wave barrier. Let’s not forget about the efforts to catch a wave.

It is recommended that you do moderate intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes five days per week to keep in shape. This goal can be achieved by surfing.

The upper half of your body is strengthened

Running, cycling, and soccer are all primarily based on the legs. Although it is very impressive, it turns out that our bipeds make the legs work naturally by simply moving from one place to another. For strong legs, walking only occasionally might not suffice. They tend to work harder than other muscles, but they are objectively more efficient.

Surfing is a challenging activity. You must paddle to get back to your starting point, or to catch a wave. The muscles of the back, shoulders and neck are almost evenly worked. They also reinforce the abdominal wall and pectorals.

While the rest of the body works, the focus is on the upper half of the body, especially the arms.

Balance and coordination

We can continue to discuss the physical benefits of surfing, but we also need to mention the positive effects that it has on coordination and balance. One obvious example is how to stand on the wave and get onto the board. However, it is important to have good coordination in order to master the whole process.

Management of effort

Surfing is technical and requires a lot of learning. You will need to learn how to manage your efforts. This is especially important if you want to catch waves. Many newbies expend a lot energy trying to catch the wave at the right moment. It is more than understanding the waves and getting on time. It is also important to give everything you have at all times. This is a very intense effort that cannot be sustained for long periods of time. You must learn how to manage it.

Your five senses are stimulated

The sea air, the smell of iodine and the sun reflected on it, the water in your wetsuit, the feeling of the water slapping against your skin, the salty taste in your mouth and the sound of the waves breaking. Surfing is an experience that stimulates all the senses. It stimulates your entire body with all the benefits that it has for your mental and bodily well-being.

You will learn to understand and connect with the ocean.

Spend a lot time looking at the ocean if you want to be a surfer expert. You will soon discover new details you didn’t know existed. You’ll learn more about wind, waves and many other aspects. You will be able to feel connected to the environment and maybe even have a greater awareness.

Relax and disconnect

The commonality of water sports is that you can disconnect from your normal activities by immersing yourself into another world. You also feel relaxed by the contact with water. You already have endorphins from the sport, which can bring you happiness and calmness. However, spending time at the sea while the waves pound you will undoubtedly increase your level of relaxation.


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