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The Great Benefits of Outdoor Patio Awnings on Summer

What are the benefits of outdoor patio awnings this summer

The long days of summer are made for barbecues and garden parties. And patio awnings can help you make the most of your outdoor living space in any weather—perfect for the big summer! But protecting yourself from the sun is not the only benefit of outdoor patio awnings for your garden. What are the benefits of outdoor patio awnings this summer? Keep reading to know more.

Attractive Aesthetics

A patio awning is a great way to enhance the exterior of your home and improve the look of your garden. There are different designs and a wide range of materials available, for all tastes and styles.

Better use of space

If you plan to make use of your garden this summer, it is important that you use the space well. A patio awning can help you optimize your outdoor space as well as free up rooms inside. It can provide a protected area similar to an extra room in the house, with multiple uses, from the dining room to the workspace. This is the second benefit of outdoor patio awnings.

Sun Protection and Shelter

A patio awning provides shade and protection from the sun’s rays, as well as helps you enjoy the garden even in windy or rainy weather. You can create a getaway area where you can sit in the shade when the sun gets too low and feel comfortable inviting guests to your garden in all weathers.

Property maintenance

A patio awning doesn’t just provide shade for people. It will also protect and preserve your window frames, wooden doors, garden furniture and terraces from the elements, extending their useful life. And it will also help your interiors, protecting your curtains and soft furnishings from the effects of the sun, so that the colors do not fade.

Reduces cooling bills at home

Awnings limit direct sunlight and thus help you save on energy bills. Having an awning can reduce your air conditioning bills by 20% during the summer. Awnings can also shade your outside air conditioning unit in the summer to keep it cooler for energy efficiency.

Protects furniture and flooring from sun damage inside your home

Installing awnings can protect your indoor and outdoor space from the weather, prolonging the longevity of your outdoor furniture by preventing exposure to direct sun, snow, and rain that can cause deterioration and fading. Awnings can also help prevent ultraviolet rays from entering through windows and damaging interior furnishings or flooring that may be exposed.

A window awning will also reduce glare on television and computer screens, and prevent fading of curtains, furniture, rugs, flooring, and other interior and exterior decorations.

You can also opt for another kind of tool that will greatly help with protection, and I refer to the motorized retractable screens which will block the sun’s heat and harmful ultraviolet rays before they enter your home, cooling your home more efficiently than blinds or shades.

Reduces the surface temperature of your deck or outdoor space

A recent study found that in direct sunlight, composite decks can reach temperatures 34° to 76°F hotter than the surrounding air. So, on an 80° day, that could mean the shelf surface temperature reaches over 150°. By installing an awning over your deck space, you can keep the surface temperature down, allowing you and your pets to walk safely and enjoy your outdoor space.

Reduces the air temperature in your outdoor space

In summer, you may want to invite your friends or let your children play outside, but you’ll maybe be worried about the effects of prolonged sun exposure! Adding a retractable awning to your outdoor space can help increase your comfort by lowering the temperature by 20 degrees and lessening the number of ultraviolet rays. You can enjoy hot weather or rainy days under the protection of an awning. Open up a whole new space for outdoor living.

Warm Your Home in the Winter

During the winter, you can keep your retractable awning closed to allow more sunlight into your home. This will help increase the temperature inside your home and lower your heating bill.

Types of awnings: which one is right for your home?

There is a wide and varied range of different patio awnings available to choose from, including:

Retractable awnings

These can be extended or retracted whenever you like, so you can enjoy the shade when you need it. In addition to the flexibility this provides, you can choose to let the sun and heat into your home when it suits you, which could save you money on energy bills. Retractable awnings can be operated mechanically or electronically, depending on the model you choose.

Canvas awnings

Attractive and easy to clean, canvas awnings have a classic look that will look good in any garden.

Glass awnings

A stylish option for your garden. Glass awnings let in light while providing shelter from the outdoors.

Independent curtains

These allow you to be flexible about where to place your shaded area.


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