Farm 2 Face


All treatments $99 and must be pre-booked by 24 hours.

Our Seasonal Farm-to-Face results-oriented Apothecary Menu is market driven and changes at the whim of our therapists with the bounty of the season. We choose the best locally sourced organic ingredients at The Mar Vista and other westside Farmer’s markets and combine with globally sourced pure healing ingredients such as organic essential oils, ancient minerals and medicinal spices.

We then create custom house-made skin care based on both ancient and modern remedies and our secret blends & recipes. We always make it a point to ask about any allergies so our “secret” recipes don’t cause any unwanted reactions. We test our formulas on supermodels, superstars and superfriends, not animals.

The F2F menu at nitespa varies from week to week depending on what we score that week at the market. This is an example of a few treatments that we will offer.


Soft 17 Facial

Turmeric, Local Honey, Goats Milk, Yogurt, Tapioca, Sugar, Coconut, Salt, Organic Egg, Oat, and 7 other magical components.

Scrub, mask, moisture
A blend of market ingredients and spices inspired by Indian wedding rituals and hippies everywhere.

Results:  glowing smoother skin, less wrinkles, skin clearing

Who it’s awesome for: 
Venice beach sun-lovin’ babes with dry skin, teens (or adults of any age) with acne, blushing brides and sophisticated ladies who may be mature (but don’t want to be described as such.)


Maggie’s Farm Facial

Local herbs like Sage, Spearmint, Rosemary, Chamomile; Citrus and Greens; Egg, Goats Milk 

Cleanse, mask, moisture
We establish relationships with local farmers like Nate from Maggie’s Farm and create custom facials based on what they grow.

Results: Calming, Cleansing, Firming, Refreshing, Hydrating

Who it’s awesome for: Local beauty enthusiasts, mamas and papas, lovers and dreamers.


Gypsy Chai Facial

Mint, Cardamom, Milk, Honey, Tea, Ginger

Cleanse, Tone, Mask, Eye Treat
Yummy enough to drink! If you get lucky, your hostess might make you a cup of this elixir to sip to go along with the healing mixture that your skin will experience.

Results:  Curative, Balancing, Rejuvenating, Restoring, Enlightening

Who it’s awesome for: Seekers of clear and youthful skin, freethinkers, renaissance men and women.


MAGnificent Miracle Add-on

Mint, Cardamom, Milk, Honey, Tea, Ginger

Wellness ritual
We heard a rumor that almost everyone is magnesium deficient and reached out to our private spa investigator to figure out how to absorb this necessary mineral in a better way. Turns out that the skin drinks magnesium in a way that vitamins just can’t compete with. Sure you could try to make this at home, but it feels much better when applied by massage by our expert therapists.

Results: improves sleep, reduces stress, detoxing

Who it’s awesome for: everyone


Brown Sugar Magic

Brown sugar, Olive oil, Essential oils

Exfoliation treatment
Our sugar scrub brings all the boys to the yard, we could teach you, but we’d have to charge.

Results: skin renewal: smooth, healthy radiant skin. product absorption.

Who it’s awesome for: people with dry skin, people who want smoother skin.



Slow Like Honey

Apple cider vinegar, Milk, Cinnamon, Oats, Pumpkin, Lactic, Local honey

Cleanse, mask, Repeat
This facial is most effective in a package of 3, but will get you a noticeable glow in one visit

Results: anti-bacterial, brightening, detoxing, age-defying, decadent

Who it’s awesome for: serious skin care addicts, curious thirty-somethings, foodies



Aloe, Coconut, Matcha, Mushroom, Blueberry, Papaya

Mask, Serum, Moisture
This could be an entire facial or an add-on treatment. We combine natural enzymes and known super foods with our expert knowledge to create amazing natural skin treatments that aid in restoring and reversing skin damage from the sun and give you all sorts of other incidental benefits.

Results: extreme hydration, active cell renewal, wellness

Who it’s awesome for: travelers, surfers, yogis and you.


Earth Diet

Mint, Honey, Almond, Ancient Minerals, Rainforest herbs, edible oils

Personal Wellness Consultation by a dedicated expert, includes a custom spa treatment experience

Results: weight loss, increased stamina, better sleep, relaxation etc.

Who it’s awesome for: anyone who wants to feel better and improve their life