Hangover Cures

Strange how an evening of amusement can flummox your body into feeling that you’ve just hopped off the red-eye in an unfamiliar city (assuming, of course, you haven’t). Jet lag can strike at any time, including the two-block walk of shame.

Hangover Helper

Pressure point detox for your feet & scalp, neck & shoulder rub, plus a super-strength detoxifying elixir, tiptoes and whispers: $75

Hangover Makeover

Make-up or facial boost to make you brighter than you feel. Special attention to the morning-after problem areas: baggy eyes, dark circles, red patches, dry skin. Extra-gentle. Visine upon request: $85

Tea and Sympathy

A cooling mask for those puffy eyes with a mini-facial, a basic mani, and¬† a relaxing foot soak & foot massage, a cup of calming tea and an understanding attendant to listen to your sob story. The milk of human kindness? You’re soaking in it.
Sixty minutes of “you time” of pampering and pouring your heart out: $125

The Plus-plus

When deluxe is not deluxe enough. We give you the works, with secret, VIP-only treats. Beloved of classy bachelorettes, precocious prom queens, brazen beauties, dipsomaniac debutantes and the luckiest of birthday girls 
Price: expensive