manipedimania (n.): the slightly exaggerated belief that indulging in a manicure and/or pedicure can cure most ailments — including, but not limited to, office woes; ridiculous boys; hunches that didn’t pan out; general malaise; girl trouble; simple pleasures that up and turned complex on you; the mean reds; the lady-sings-the-blues blues.

Sleight of Hand


Basic maintenance mani with mini-massage and polish

The Perfect Ten


Manicure deluxe–serious shaping, thorough massage, extra attention, intense scrub + choose 2 extras.

Sweet Feet


Our Signature Pedi – yummy soak, cuticle clean up, nail shaping, callous work, mini massage, mini brown sugar scrub, polish or buff
(45 mins)

Fancy Feet


Serious Foot Worship – Basic maintenance
plus two add on upgrades which include:

Housemade Brown Sugar Scrub
Foot Mask
Callous Treatment
Intensive Foot Massage
French Polish
(60 mins)

A LA Carte

Gel removal: $10 & up; $20 feet

The Quickie


Basic mani and pedi for girls-on-the-go. In and out in an hour. This is definitely suggested only for those who get regular manicures and pedicures as it is more of a maintenance treatment. A popular choice to keep your nails meticulous with a monthly standing appointment.

Just a quick mani: $18

Quick pedi: $37
Basic maintenance – foot soak, nail filing/shaping,
mini callous scrub, moisture treatment, polish or buff
(30 mins)

choose 2 for a Deluxe and 3 for a Super-Deluxe
10 minute massage, callous treatment, french, custom polish, foot mask, custom aromatherapy, superscrub, $15 each or 2 included with any deluxe