Wax On…Wax Off
wax lips, wax crayons, wax museums. shoes and ships and sealing wax, and other fancy stuff. sex wax. waxing poetic by the light of the waxing moon. telltale candle wax drippings on the floor leading from the drawing room to the boudoir. hot wax on the nipples? none of your beeswax.
Quality products, expert technique, and nitespa’s smooth operators make you feel at ease. We use the highest quality Australian hard wax for our skilled bikini waxing and also offer organic strip waxing for larger areas. Hard or Soft? Your choice.


ARCH RIVAL – Initial arch or repair: $40
COME HITHER – Brow maintenance: $25
EYE CANDY – Brow tint: $20
BUTTERFLY KISS – Eyelash tint: $35

Body Wax

Our Lips Are Sealed – UPPER LIP, FACE or CHIN: $15
Smooth Moves – ARMS: half $45, full $60, underarms $20
Old School – SIMPLE BIKINI: $40
New Romantic – TRIANGLE BIKINI: $55
Landing Strip – BRAZILIAN: $65
The Ooh-la-la – BARE BIKINI: $70
Can can – HALF LEG: $50
Miniskirt – FULL LEG: $75
Rotisserie – BACK or CHEST: $45
Showgirl – FULL LEG w/ BIKINI: $125 & up