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3 Simple Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room For The Autumn

With the arrival of autumn we always think about changing our wardrobe, but… what if we also change our living room and decorate it for the new season ?

We all know that the transition from summer to fall is one of the hardest times of the year . You have to go back to routine, work, warm clothes … how lazy!

But don’t worry, this time of year also brings a lot of good things. Idyllic landscapes, incredible sunsets and the best … movie afternoons and a sofa with a hot coffee .

In autumn we spend a lot of time at home and that is why, at Casa En Orden we have prepared some tips for you to decorate your living room with a warm and loving touch without spending a lot of money.

Make the most of the colors of the season

At this time of year the landscapes change and are dyed in autumnal colors. Brown, reddish and ocher colors fill nature and bring warmth to the panorama.

So we suggest that you transfer that nature to your living room so that when you are in it you feel the same peace as if you were in the mountains.

Bet on natural elements such as dried flowers or pineapples, leaf prints and opt for the shelves in oak or wood . Wood always reminds us of this time of year so nothing better than “dressing” your shelves with the colors of the season.

You can also decorate your shelves with elements that take you to those postcard landscapes. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in decoration, with a little imagination you can do it yourself.

We give you a couple of ideas , but I’m sure you can think of more. Let us know!

Colorful pineapples

Pineapples flood the pine forests during this time of year so it won’t be difficult to get hold of a few. Take them home and paint them in the colors of fall .

Play with the reddish, yellowish and ocher tones that match the rest of your living room. Then you can distribute them on the shelf or put them together and make a centerpiece.

Dry leaves

Take a walk in the park, breathe fresh air and collect some leaves with different shapes and colors.

When you get home, paste them on a blank sheet of paper and put them in a wooden frame . You can simply leave the frame resting on your shelf or hang it on the wall.

Shelter your living room

Just as we have started to put on our jackets and coats, our living room is also crying out for us to “wrap it up” now that autumn is coming to make it more cozy and warm .

Flood the room with soft blankets, rugs, poufs and cushions . Combine different colors to spice up your living room and choose fabric or knitted fabric for an even more autumnal style. Take everything out of the cupboards and leave it on the sofas or on the shelves in plain sight.

You can also include some wicker baskets and let the blankets or quilts stand out a bit to give that warm feeling to the living room and wooden magazine racks to give it a more chic touch.

Light up the entire room

The lighting of the living room will be essential to give it that autumn touch that we are looking for and make our living room more comfortable.

In addition to taking advantage of natural light, you can take advantage of artificial light to generate that feeling of calm and comfort . Decántate by floor or table lamps with yellow and dim lights.

And don’t forget the candles! They have always given that feeling of warmth and relaxation that surrounds you in every room of your home. Choose wooden candle holders or those with autumn prints and distribute them around your living room.

As you can see, with these ideas you can change your living room in a flash and without spending a fortune . With these recommendations you will ensure that autumn also comes to your home and you feel more relaxed.


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