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How To Clean Rust Stains Off Iron Furniture

Do you have iron furniture, in the garden or at home? Iron or wrought iron furniture is beautiful and very resistant, but it needs some care. In another article we talked about the maintenance of marble, today we tell you how to clean iron furniture.

Decades ago, iron furniture was very popular in gardens and terraces, today we have other synthetic materials, but iron furniture still has a special charm, styles such as Mediterranean or rustic use iron furniture and accessories in decoration.

Cleaning Iron Furniture

Materials You Need

– Soft kitchen brush
– Kitchen towels
– Sponge
– Detergent (from the liquid used for Mistol-type dishes)
– Tray

For Rust Stains

If you have rust stains you need liquid to light barbecues (which has kerosene in its composition) you can find it in Alcampo, Carrefour and in any large surface (like Leroy Merlin)
Fine steel wool scourer (in large areas or hardware stores)

Gloves and goggles (if you don’t have goggles, you can use these plastic swimming goggles that cost less than $2).

Cleaning Procedure

Step 1: To clean iron furniture you will need a soft brush to remove any remaining dirt that may have accumulated on the furniture. Put warm water in the bucket and a splash of detergent, stir. With the sponge you are cleaning the surface of the furniture. If there are any difficult areas, use the brush.

Step 2: If you have rust stains on the furniture, we will proceed as follows. As a precaution when using a flammable and toxic liquid such as kerosene (the lighting liquid for barbecues) we wear protective plastic gloves and glasses.

Step 3: Put some barbecue lighting liquid on the steel wool pad. We pass the mild steel wool over the areas where there is rust and we rub. Soak in kerosene again and rub until rust is removed. Wipe the entire piece of furniture with a cloth.

Step 4: Once the rust is removed to seal and protect the iron furniture we can use special waxes, such as those found in bitumen or shoe cream. Use transparent cream polish as it works for all types of iron furniture (and also wood). You also have shoe cream very rich in waxes in different colors, black, brown, green and so on. This can be used if you want to protect and revive the color of an iron furniture by looking for the color that most closely matches it.


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