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The Right Way to Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rug cleaning

If something is dirty, you can clean it in most cases, but in the case of high-quality carpets, self-cleaning can lead to irreparable consequences. However, if a few important points are taken into consideration when cleaning your carpet, you can also do it in the comfort of your home. Here you will find valuable tips for cleaning a Persian or Oriental rug.

But please keep in mind that the guidelines below as simple steps you can follow, but if your rug needs a special treatment, we highly recommend opting for an oriental rug professional cleaning service for help, simply because if you try to do it yourself without the necessary expertise and experience, the results could be devastating. So, let’s share some steps to follow for simple cleaning processes.

How is the level of dirt estimated?

Simple stains can be easily cleaned, but you have to know how – that’s why we’ll explain it to you below. There are more complex stains, such as wine stains, or there are even cases in which a total cleaning of the carpet is needed; This must be done by a professional.

A genuine hand-knotted oriental rug is generally color sensitive, requiring the expertise and expert cleaning methods to restore its shine after intensive washing of the newly knotted color. This point is particularly important for high-quality rugs, which have been dyed with the natural colors of certain plants. If cleaning is done incorrectly, the rug can lose its colors and the wool or silk will be irreparably damaged.

How to Clean Small Stains on Your Oriental Rug

If your beloved carpet has only a few stains, you can remove them yourself. To achieve this, we have selected a series of professional tips, especially for you. So, before you start using your own homemade products, please take the time and read the guidelines below

  1. Proper cleaning starts with the right cleaning products

In the detergent market there is a plethora of promises that do not always fulfill what they promise. If you want to remove dirt from your carpet without attacking its colors, make sure you use a pH-neutral detergent. Otherwise, the detergent can bleach the colors. Also, no surfactants should be present in the detergent, as they attack the carpet.

Before applying the product, you should first use soft brushes, rags and a vacuum cleaner beforehand to remove dirt particles on the surface of the carpet, and thus proceed with proper cleaning. But before all that, we recommend that you test if the cleaning agent attacks the color of the carpet. To do this, simply apply a small amount of the product to a small area of ​​the carpet; let it act briefly and then brush it in the direction of the carpet grain with a damp brush. If it fades, it is preferable to buy a neutral detergent, or if necessary, dilute the existing one with water. In these cases, the discoloration test must be run again. Only after you see that there is no negative effect on the color you can start using the cleaning product.

  1. The main wash: Don’t use too much water

Now we come to the actual cleaning. Before you begin, take the following advice to heart: The rug should be dampened, not soaked in water. Otherwise, you will remove too much grease, which makes your oriental rug soft and dirt-repellent; it would also make the rug look fuzzy and dull. Distribute the previously tested cleaning product using a soft bristle brush or paintbrush and gently wipe the stain onto the dampened carpet.

Once the liquid has penetrated, brush gently in the direction of the carpet yarn. Pay attention to the removal of dirt from the cleaning agent. You should always rinse the brush with fresh water to remove any foamy residue from the product you are using. Once you have removed all the residual foam, rinse the mat with as much water as necessary. Make sure the entire rug is washed. Use the back of a brush to pull as much moisture out of the carpet as possible.

  1. Last step: oil and dry the oriental rug

When the stains have been cleaned and excess water has been removed, oil the rug while it is still damp. This process is very important, as the lost fat has to be replaced to give the carpet its natural luster and strength.

When enough grease has been applied, let the mat dry. It is convenient that both sides are ventilated. This can be done by placing the carpet on a stair railing or on a grid, for example. The important thing here is that the mat is ventilated from both sides. The back and front side should be able to dry at the same time. Remember: soaking the carpet for a short time during the cleaning process is reasonable, however, it should not belong, so that the colors, fibers and fats are not attacked for a long time.

A long enjoyment of an oriental rug thanks to proper cleaning.

Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are companions for life. Their long lifespan makes them ideal for virtually any residential environment. Dirt alone doesn’t stop anyone. To preserve the shine and intensity of the color of the rug, it is necessary to clean it from time to time. In the case of small stains, and by following the tips mentioned above, you can take action yourself without any problem.


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